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GreenNovo Company Website Copyright Statement

To prevent the contents published on the website of GreenNovo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (“GreenNovo”) including text, images, audio and video and code from further copyright disputes, we’d like to state our copyright position of website content as follows,

  1. The copyright of the webpage is owned by GreenNovo website and its sub-website. It is prohibited to take the webpage and its format from GreenNovo website and its sub-website for commercial use without any written approval from GreenNovo.
  2. The proprietary rights of the original text, code, icon of this website and sub-website is owned by GreenNovo and no individual or institution shall quote, copy, reproduce, extract and compile or in any manner use the material without prior written permission of GreenNovo.
  3. The copyright of the quoted web resources, code, images, text belongs to the quoted website and the point of view of quoted text and content doesn’t stand for our point of view. GreenNovo shall not be liable for any issue and legal obligation arising from the above mentioned quotations.
  4. All images and articles of this website shall not be reproduced without prior written permission of GreenNovo.
  5. Generally, copyrights of all text, images, audio and video, without indicating the sources where they are reproduced, all belong to GreenNovo. It is not permitted for any media, website or individual to reproduce, link, repost or in any other manner to copy and publish our content without prior written permission of GreenNovo. Any media or website shall indicate the content belongs to GreenNovo while downloading and using the contents on this website after permission. Without this written permission, GreenNovo shall take legal action according to the law.

If any materials, images, or articles published by GreenNovo causes copyright dispute, the author can contact us through the contact info such as phone number or emails on our website within two weeks or he or she will be deemed to have accepted our statement.

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