Core Technology

GreenNovo specializes in the recycling of heavy metals contained in the solid industrial wastes produced by the metallurgy and chemical processing industries.

Core Technology

The industrial waste produced by the metallurgy industry not only contains iron, carbon, low-grade zinc, indium, bismuth, tin, and lead, it also contains chlorine, fluorine, and other non-metallic compounds which are corrosive, complex, and difficult to process. This type of industrial waste is generally extremely difficult to recycle and metallurgy companies are often unable to efficiently and safely handle the waste they produce. GreenNovo has developed a method for extracting the heavy metals from solid industrial waste, such as steel dust. This patented extraction technology of “Pyrometallurgical Enrichment and Hydrometallurgical Separation Integrated with Multi-segment Coupling” has already devolved to the 7th generation.

GreenNovo holds a number of patents and is capable of recycling the heavy metals contained in solid industrial waste, such as the dust from steel, copper, lead, and aluminum smelting, mud from the hydrometallurgical processing of lead and zinc, copper and cadmium slag, anode mud, electroplating sludge, heavy chemical sludge, and tailing residue. Additionally, our process does not create wastewater or slag. GreenNovo’s technology is at the forefront of the industry. We possess a complete industrial chain from hazardous and heavy-metal-containing waste to the manufacturing of various metal products, power generation from residual heat, as well as the production of green building materials. Currently, GreenNovo is planning to apply a variety of cutting-edge technologies to increase the recycling of different hazardous industrial wastes in hopes of expanding our recycling capabilities to 14 categories and over 100 types. We are striving to build China’s first large-scale centralized industrial waste recycling and processing center, specializing in over 100 types of solid industrial waste.

Fuming Enrichment Technology

Through a fuming enrichment process, valuable elements in steel dust will be concentrated and captured for further treatment. GreenNovo’s fuming enrichment technology has overcome the technical problems caused by the traditional methods, such as the problem of kiln ring. Our technology is able to achieve long-term and stable production, as well as excellent treatment results and economic benefits.

Eco-Friendly Dechlorination Purification Technology

The concentrated products from the steel dust fuming enrichment process contain high levels of harmful substances like chlorine, which will create further complicated difficulties in the further processing of later stages. The inability to dispose of heavy-metal-containing waste completely and soundly correlates to the inability to extract the heavy metals from the wastes, which is also an economically inefficient process. GreenNovo’s patented technology is able to efficiently dechlorinate and purify this waste to achieve the required standards for further processing. This is currently the most advanced and latest technology in this industry area in China.

Multiple Rare Metals Extraction Technology

Steel dust contains many types of non-ferrous metals that are difficult to separate in isolation, hence the inability to achieve high recycling rates. GreenNovo developed an extraction technology of “Pyrometallurgical Enrichment and Hydrometallurgical Separation Integrated with Multi-segment Coupling” to achieve complete eco-friendly production. It is currently China’s most advanced technology of separating non-ferrous metals from steel dust.

Extraction of Rubidium, Cesium & Iodine from Waste Water

GreenNovo is able to extract rubidium, cesium, and iodine from waste water through hydrometallurgy. We have overcome the common difficulty in the waste-treatment industries of the recycling and re-using of industrial wastewater. Not only is our technology capable of purifying the waste water with zero emission and making it reusable, it can also efficiently extract the valuable elements contained in the waste water. It is an innovative technology to realize the treatment and utilization of relevant process waste water resources.

Reduced Iron Powder Extraction Technology

GreenNovo and the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the “Resource Utilization Technology of Producing the Secondary Reduced Iron Powder for Metallurgy”, which has been implemented in GreenNovo’s Quzhou factory, Zhejiang Province. This technology is a pioneering way to produce high-purity iron powder from the complex and low-quality iron powder. First, the reduced iron powder produced by the this new technical process has the characteristics of low comprehensive cost and excellent product quality.

Tiered Airflow Sorting with Emission Reducing and Multi-Step Recycling Technology

GreenNovo and the Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics have jointly developed a technology of “Tiered Airflow Sorting with Emission Reducing and Multi-Step Recycling” to reduce steel dust by over 50% right from the production process. This breakthrough technology allows the steel plants to comprehensively recycle and reuse high-ferrous materials from steel dust, while GreenNovo obtains high-zinc content materials at low cost.

Energy Saving and Pollution Controlling Technology

There are many types of impurities in steel dust at high levels of concentration that must undergo hydrometallurgical processing to separate them. During the separating process, secondary pollution tends to occur. However, GreenNovo’s patented technology is able to efficiently avoid secondary pollution. All waste water entering the system is recycled. After the harmful substances are removed from the remaining waste residue, it can be sold as environmentally friendly building materials. In his way, we are able to achieve a clean production means to completely meet the requirements of the production technology as well as fully comply with the environmental standards.

A certain amount of energy is needed in the steel dust fuming enrichment process, and there is always a certain amount of carbon in the steel dust. With GreenNovo’s technology, energy saving can be attained by utilizing the carbon in the steel dust. The residual carbon in the kiln slag can be collected once again. Additionally, the heat produced by the fuming enrichment process can be recycled and re-used by our waste heat power generation system, which has dramatically achieved further energy recycling and saving.

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