On March 15th, 2019, FESE and GreenNovo formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Jiang Xipei, the founder, board chairman and secretary of the party committee of Far East Holding Group came to the BJ headquarter of GreenNovo along with Chen Jing, the COO of FESE and executive general manager of Far East Cable, Wang Honghui, senior marketing supervisor and assistant of general manager of Far East Cable. Chairman of GreenNovo, Ma Liyang, executive vice president Li Bo and vice president Chai Yongfu, senior consultant, Yin Haiming warmly greeted the guests.

Ma met Jiang during his study in Tsinghua PBCSF as the member of Global Finance GSD programme. Their classmates Zhou Yifeng, chairman of Hongdaxingye Group, Guo Jiaying, chairman of KBG, Zhang Zhijun, chairman of China Affluence Investment Fund Management also joined the signing ceremony.

Ma Liyang delivered a speech, expressing that FESE is a pioneer in wires and cable manufacturing. Their R&D capability, competitive edge, outstanding management mode is our role model. Our business is interlinked in some aspects and we share the same value and social responsibility. We believe our future cooperation will achieve mutual benefits and win-win result, which will be of great significance for scientific innovation and development in industrial and environmental protection area.

Chairman Ma also expressed gratitude to Far East Holding Group for their support for our public welfare programme. At the beginning of 2019, Far East Holding Group purchased over 20 tons of Yuanyang 1318 red rice as company benefits for employees during Chinese New Year. It helps to lift 41 households of farmers out of poverty, making a great contribution to the poverty alleviation in Yuanyang. The 1318 red rice is a high-end brand established by GreenNovo for national poverty-stricken county Yuanyang.

Jiang Xipei said he worked with GreenNovo before and thought highly of us as a leader in harmless treatment and recycling of heavy-metal-containing solid and hazardous waste and the prospects of the industry. As classmate, he valued the friendship and looked forward to working with GreenNovo by allocating Far East resources. He hoped the future cooperation would bring better development opportunities for both companies. Chen Jing also said FESE is resolved to grow bigger and combine their abundant, quality social resources with GreenNovo’s advantages, which will form strong alliance.

Joining hands, GreenNovo and FESE will achieve more fruitful results and we wish the future will be brighter.