The 11th China Conference on Management Science & award ceremony of the 6th management science award was held in Fragrant Hill Hotel in Beijing. GreenNovo’s program of applying environment management mode to recycle heavy-metal-containing solid wastes received a finalist award of management science. Chairman Ma Liyang collected the trophy and the certificate on behalf of the company management.

The Society of Management Science of China, founded in 1980, is a first-level society subordinate to the Ministry of Science and Technology and is one of the first nationwide comprehensive management science organizations established in China. The management science award is a science technology prize set up by the National Office for Science and Technology Awards, following Regulations on National Awards for Science and Technology of the state council and Measures for the Administration of the Establishment of Science and Technology Awards by Non-governmental Sectors of Ministry of Science and Technology. Awarded once every two years, it aims to honor the institutions and individuals who made outstanding contributions to management science research, application and promotion, which impacts management science profoundly in academic and practical area.

Apart from consistent technological innovation, GreenNovo also never stops pursuing new environmental management modes to adapt to changes and demands from domestic environmental treatment service market. We not only offer treatment solutions for waste-generating companies as a third party, but are also able to co-establish projects with companies by joint venture modes. By sharing benefits and fighting pollution together, the efficiency and effects are significantly improved. For those who need specialized technology to tackle the environment problems, we launched the CES (Contract Environment Service) project, in which GreenNovo will provide the investments in pre-stage and later operations to generate recycled products. The waste generating company will pay for the treatment service to compensate part of the treatment cost. The mode greatly helps both sides, lowers the investment risk of waste-generating companies and makes GreenNovo more accessible for the market.

The award represents a full recognition of our innovation and practice in environmental management areas, a collective effort made by generations of GreenNovo’s employees. GreenNovo will keep optimizing the environmental management system, innovating the development model to further increase our performance, which will be of great contribution to the theoretical and pragmatic innovation development of scientific management in China.