The office for Cooperation with Enterprises of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) selected 10 provinces and cities to run pilot programs in academician work stations in 2017. By strict assessment, over 100 outstanding enterprises from all walks of life received this qualification. In recent years, more and more environmental protection companies make it on the list apart from the science and technology, power, pharmaceuticals and husbandry sector. GreenNovo has been acknowledged to be one of them in the 2017 academician pilot programs work stations.

The academician & expert pilot programs work station is a main initiative launched by CAST, aiming to promote technological innovation of enterprises, implement the strategy of reinvigorating China and the world through human resource development, build an innovation-driven country and an important initiative to carry out Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Talent Development Program (2010-2020). The work station accreditation is designed to regulate and standardize the pilot programs and improve its operation to achieve sustainable development.

Policy backing environmental protection industry to be the main driving force of green China

Some other environmental protection companies received the accreditation, such as Zhejiang Feida Environmental Science & Technology, focusing on air pollution treatment, also Sinocat Environmental Technology specializing in development and manufacturing of catalyst for fuel engine emission, apart from GreenNovo concentrating on heavy metal solid (hazardous) waste recycling. All these companies are business leaders in the highly segmented environmental protection industry, representing the most state-of-the art technology and business models and championing for green economy and green development.

President Xi Jinping proposed the initiative of “building a beautiful China” at the 18th Party Congress and reiterated the notion of green development on multiple occasions and repeatedly stressed the philosophy that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. At the same time, professionals pointed out, of all the 25 targets in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), the resource and environment targets are the largest, taking up 40% of all goals. Achieving these goals will provide a good opportunity for the development of environmental protection industry, which has responded to the call of the country to perfect the technology in the past few years. Their expanding business and growing scale all help the country and the world, to shift to a green economy.

For the past few years, the environmental protection industry has maintained a growth of over 15%, which the total output value rising from 2.99 trillion RMB in 2012, to 4.55 trillion RMB in 2015, and reaching over 5 trillion RMB in 2016. However, the input of environmental protection is still far more underdeveloped than some developed countries. As the Chinese economy keeps booming, the industry will embrace the next peak until the business network and capacity of companies from segmented areas meet the demand of environmental protection treatment of all industries to drive the sustainable development of a green economy.

Innovation drives GreenNovo on solid waste recycling

Backed by the national policy on the development of environmental protection, GreenNovo persists on recycling heavy-metal solid (hazardous) waste produced by non-ferrous metal and metallurgical industry based on the philosophy that “recycling wastes to turn them into wealth”. By Innovating the technology, we now have possessed multiple proprietary intellectual property rights, filed 14 patents and been authorized 11 patents. On April 2017, the GreenNovo alloy base was officially put into production, located in Yuanyang county, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan province, a state-level poverty-stricken county, further expanding the comprehensive utilization and boosting the added value. An applied technology research and development center will also be built in the Yunnan base to drive the technology innovation and solid waste recycling industry improvements.

As a state-level academician & expert work station, GreenNovo’s leading position in environmental protection technology is highly valued by local authorities and government. Our zinc sulfate solution caustic washing and extraction, and defluorination and dechlorination technology research, and development and industrialization process won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan. On February 2018, our Gejiu factory was listed as a state-level green factory in the second batch of demonstration enterprises in building green manufacturing systems, published by Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The recognition acknowledges and encourages our commitment in following technological innovation, which can be recommended to other similar companies as a good example and standard.

GreenNovo will take the lead to keep improving our technology, cultivate more innovative talents, and make more contributions to the development of solid waste recycling and green China.