GreenNovo’s Gejiu factory has been evaluated as a state-level green factory in the second phrase of demonstration enterprises in building green manufacturing systems, published by Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first privately owned company selected as state-level green factory in Yunnan. The honor firmly acknowledges our achievements in carrying out the solid and hazardous waste recycling, boosting the green transformation of metallurgical and steel industry and leading the innovation development in the environmental protection industry.

With strict assessment criteria, the list of demonstration enterprises building green manufacturing system shows the national approval of enterprises which implement the green development initiative. The green factory refers to those who introduces life cycle notions and prefer green technique, technology and equipment while guaranteeing the product function, quality, and considers workers’ occupational health and safety, and fit in comprehensive evaluation in infrastructure, management system, energy and resources input, product, environment emissions and performance. According to the “Made in China 2025” issued by state council, it prioritizes the focus on enforcing green manufacturing methods as the top nine strategic emphasis and tasks and puts forward the basic principle of green development and implementation of the green manufacturing programs such as building green factories following principles of plant intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste recycling and low-carbonization. Green factory evaluation work embodies “Made in China 2025” initiatives and sets up standard systems and lays a foundation to build standard systems of a green factory, with the goal of 1,000 green factories by 2020.

Yunnan provincial government also responds to the call of the country and vigorously implements the plan for the green development of the industry (2016-2020), and green manufacturing program implementation guidance (2016-2020), to build green manufacturing systems. As an outstanding environmental protection enterprise in Yunnan, GreenNovo always strives to innovate and upgrade technology in heavy metal solid waste recycling. Its leadership is also highly valued and recognized by the government.

As a third party treatment company for steel and metallurgical solid and hazardous waste, GreenNovo sets an example in comprehensive utilization of resources and green development and accumulates experiences for building green factories within the industry. Guided by state policy, GreenNovo pays attention to the latest advanced green techniques and technology, exchanges information and connects with other excellent industries upstream and downstream, taps potentials of coordinated innovations, improves the technology by innovation to lower the energy and raw material consumption of unit product, enhances the product quality, scales up the production and automation levels, makes the factory more green and environmentally friendly, and has passed the “International Certification of ISO9001, 14001, 28001”.

Awarded as state-level green factory, all GreenNovo team workers are inspired. Chairman Ma Liyang said, the honor fully recognizes the efforts of our management as well as all employees persisting in clean production, green development and green technology innovation. In the future, we will follow the path of green development, undertake the mission of innovation and building a green future, shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection, speed up our development and make our share in the industrial green transformation a major part of this process.