BCRC China (Basel Convention Regional Centre for the Asia and Pacific Region in China) officially published “Guidance on the Environmentally Sound Management of Steel Dust” in Asia and Pacific region. Formulated by BCRC China and GreenNovo and issued by BCRC China, the guidance aims to share the hazardous waste management experience and concept and promote the environmentally sound management of hazardous waste in Asia and Pacific region.

BCRC China held a Regional Seminar on Waste Management under the Initiative of Solving the Chemicals and Waste Problem, under the Framework of the Belt and Road Initiative in November, 2018. As the professional on steel dust management in China, GreenNovo discussed the responding measure and future development on promoting waste management ability, recycling of industrial solid waste and green environmental protection with representatives from Southeast Asia government and experts. The guidance is one of the important fruits of the seminar.

Guidance on the Environmentally Sound Management of Steel Dust not only requires the raw and auxiliary material, major production technique and equipment of steel dust treatment, but also stipulates the environmental protection technology and pollutant emission limitation during recycling to regulate the recycling and utilization of zinc-bearing steel dust and advance the development of industry. During the drafting process, GreenNovo proposed lots of practical suggestions based on its own experience in processing heavy-metal-containing hazardous waste and hoped to contribute its own efforts for boosting the steel dust treatment in the region.

The publication of the guidance shows that GreenNovo’s technology has been widely accepted by the Asia and Pacific region. GreenNovo’s technical achievements and treatment experience accumulated in the large-scale industrial operation will be spread and help more countries and regions in pushing forward hazardous waste management.

Mr.Ma Liyang, chairman of GreenNovo said, “it is a great pleasure for us to work with BCRC China and play our part in hazardous waste treatment and environment improvement. GreenNovo is always committed to recycling the heavy-metal-containing solid waste produced in steel, non-ferrous, electroplating, chemical engineering industries and is willing to help companies in China and in countries along the Belt and Road, as well as the entire Asia and Pacific region. Looking ahead, we will continue to drive the regulation and development of the industry for a greener future.