During the Symposium on Urban Mining and Waste Management held on May 20th, GreenNovo and Research Institute for Environmental Innovation (Suzhou) Tsing Hua (RIET) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement and established the “RIET-GREENNOVO Technological Cooperation Research Center on Hazardous Waste Treatment” (hereinafter referred to as “research center” ). Ma Liyang, chairman, Li Bo, vice president and Zhang Wu, vice president and chief engineer from GreenNovo, Liu Yi, president, Dong Lihu, vice president and professor Zhao Ming, special research fellow from RIET and leaders and guests from Suzhou Environment Protection Bureau and Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau attended the signing ceremony.

The two sides plan to work extensively on technical development and relevant tests of hazardous waste treatment and integrate heavy-metal-containing hazardous waste recycling technology, engineering construction and market development with a R&D platform, talents and resources of Tsing Hua University. The research center will focus on “thermochemistry technology on processing organic hazardous waste” and “pyrometallurgical technology on treating heavy metal-containing hazardous waste” and build a lab which can analyze, experiment, carry out pilot tests, and possess pilot scale verification capabilities according to the demands of both sides on technical development and business exploitation of hazardous waste treatment.

Ma Liyang noted, “GreenNovo is always committed to recycling and harmless treatment of heavy metal-containing solid and hazardous wastes since its foundation. We believe that we can achieve more breakthroughs and enhance our scientific innovation abilities after Tsing Hua University joins us with their technical innovation strength and outstanding talent team. Moreover, the research center will promote the development of packaged technology and equipment of thermal treatment of solid and hazardous wastes, providing the powerful technical platform for the national agenda of building a no-waste city and waste clearance 2018 campaign along the Yangtze River Economic Zone.”

As a pioneer and leader of the industry, GreenNovo spares no effort in scientific innovation and has acquired dozens of independent intellectual properties and patents. Its core technology has been recognized as the international advanced standard at the conference on environmental protection technological achievements appraisal organized by the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry. GreenNovo has obtained the permit for the operation of dangerous waste, including HW22 Copper-containing waste, HW23 Zinc-containing waste, HW31 Lead-containing waste and HW48 Non-ferrous metal smelting waste residue listed in the National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes. Across China, we also have set up multiple treatment facilities like Gejiu branch, Quzhou Ye Sheng Metal Materials, Jiangxi Jinbolai Resource Cycle New Technology.

Research fellow professor Zhao from RIET said, “RIET is an influential comprehensive R&D and scientific service organization of the world. It actively conducts environmental scientific innovation activities towards achievement industralization based on major scientific research. By working with enterprises like GreenNovo, which spearheads in treatment scale, advanced technology and completed industrial chains, Tsing Hua University will boost its scientific research in depth and width and accelerate the process of translating the research results to market products. “

Looking ahead, GreenNovo, together with RIET, will keep working on reducing, recycling and harmlessly processing the hazardous waste and accumulate more valuable technical and practical experience for the industry. Development based on the concept of “innovation for a greener future”, GreenNovo will contribute its own power to green development and technical innovation for the industry with all involved.