The Asian Green Smart Steel Mill Summit 2019 was successfully held in China, Feb 21st and 22nd. Representatives from governments, research institutions, steel industry associations, steel mills and environmental protection technology service providers, from all over the globe, gathered together in Shanghai and reviewed the status of the steel industry in the Asia-pacific area of the past year and looked forward to the development of Asian Green and Smart Steel industry in the coming future. GreenNovo, as an environmental service and technology provider attended the conference and delivered a speech and exchanged extensive views with others.

During the summit, officials from the China Center for Information Industry Development of MIIT, Division of Air Pollution Control of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment made analytical speech’s on the green development of China’s steel industry and highlighted air pollution prevention and control. President Li Xinchuang, on behalf of China’s Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (MPI) summarized the practices of high quality development approach’s and green and the smart development of the steel industry. Tao Yanhong, from the Chinese society of Power Engineering, briefed the development of the flue-gas decarbonization application and the actual problems along with it. Participants from Anyang steel, Meishan steel, Baogang Group, Taishan Steel and other steel mills also shared their experiences and technologies.

Technology and equipment service providers from overseas steel environmental and the smart production area introduced and discussed their business, for example, the Swedish company LINDE, the German company MAPEKO, the Finnish company SARLIN and the top refractory material supplier RHI MAGNESITA set out their service, latest techniques and application cases. The French company AIR LIQUID proposed their “spreading inhibition technology on smelting dust”, which uses high pressure gas inhibitors to conduct physical settling of the smelting dust and effectively prevents it from spreading based on the features of the smelting work flow, thus improving the efficiency of flue gas settling and collection. They also exchanged ideas and discussed opportunities to work together with us on dust collection and treatment.

Vice president of GreenNovo, Mr. Li Bo delivered a presentation themed the “Environmental Service on Comprehensive Utilization of Steel and Metallurgy Industrial Solid Waste Resources” and illustrated GreenNovo’s environmental service technology and practices in the industry and our service mode, and our oversea cooperation prospects drew extensive attention at the summit.

The status of heavy-metal-containing metallurgical solid waste treatment

China is the largest nonferrous metals and steel producer in the world, especially in copper, zinc and lead smelting, etc. Every year large amounts of heavy-metal-containing solid and hazardous waste are produced. Faced with such a big scale and large stockpiling, the treatment industry is still developing at an early stage. The government attach’s great importance to the pollution caused by heavy metal solid (hazardous) waste so it has published a series of relevant policies, including “Suggestions of the CPC Central Committee on the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development”, “The Environmental Protection Tax Law ”, “Waste Clean Up Action 2018”, “Issuing the Circular Economy Development Strategy and Near-Term Action ”. Against this background, the treatment industry will be pushed to new high level.

Technology and business model innovation

GreenNovo has successfully innovated the approach to address heavy metal pollution from the source by recycling the waste as a technical pioneer and leader of the industry. It is one of the world’s largest, most technologically advanced, and comprehensive high-tech environmental protection companies for steel dust treatment.

GreenNovo has made big breakthrough’s on many technical challenges and it extracts valuable elements from heavy-metal-containing waste, such as steel dust. It also addresses the worldwide problem of dechlorination and impurity removal of heavy-metal-containing waste using mature and proven industrial technology. On the business model, GreenNovo initiates the “Contract Environment Service” and reduces over 50% of emission from heavy-metal waste like steel dust and non-ferrous metal smelting slag from the source by using tiered separation and a emission production system to assist steel mills and other environmental pollution companies to recycle the high-iron materials. In this way, GreenNovo obtains low cost, high zinc material and improves the economic benefits by pyrometallurgical concentration-integrated processing of multi-segment coupling through wet separation. The technology extracts multiple valuable elements like zinc, indium, lead, cadmium, bismuth, tin, and iodine from the waste and produces industrial products like iron concentration powder and reduced iron powder. No waste water or slag discharge proves that it exploits the waste to the fullest extent.

Oversea environmental protection technology service

During the summit, GreenNovo conducted deep-seated conversation’s with other technology and service providers in terms of techniques and international market landscape and expressed the desire to explore new opportunities to cooperate in the future. Southeast Asia and South Asia countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam has stockpiled large amounts of heavy-metal solid waste in the past. To further strengthen our market research of different countries, we hosted the regional Seminar on Solid Waste Management under the Initiative on Solving the Chemicals and Waste Problem and under the Framework of the Belt and Road Initiative with the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (BCRC). Government representatives and experts from the environmental protection area’s of seven countries discussed proposals to promote solid and hazard waste management in the Asia-Pacific area, and enhance the solid and hazardous waste recycling and environmental protection in the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

In the future, GreenNovo will take a “three-dimensional growth model” to expand the scale, increase the solid waste value, and explore new areas. By upholding innovation on business model’s and supported by state policy, it strives to export its advanced technology and business model to countries along the Belt and Road Initiative and developed countries in the world for more international cooperation.