Commitment to the Community

GreenNovo promises to always be a good steward for our community in all that we do, both in the air and on the ground.

In GreenNovo’s mission statement, we want to successfully create a kind and friendly connection between our company, our customers, and our communities! In doing so, the best way to develop this relationship, is to constantly strive to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into every customer, employee, and community interaction.

To do so, and be successful, GreenNovo must stay true to our core values and create a company that employees, customers, and our communities are proud to associate with. In everything we do, we hope to inspire the power of optimism, inspire our communities to be healthier, be an example for our communities, and be a tool for the world to provide solutions for the environmental crisis we all face, and by doing so we can create a better everyday life for every person we come in contact with.

GreenNovo promises to always be a good steward for our community in all that we do, both in the air and on the ground.

GreenNovo’s Charity Projects

Yuanyang “Poverty Alleviation”Charity Project

Yuanyang County is a national poverty region,located in the southern part of Yunnan Province. The land is all mountainous, there is no flat land. It is also a multi-ethnic settlement area, in which there are 7 ethnic groups. At present, there are 86 poverty villages, with a populations of 109,211. Starting in September of 2016, GreenNovo and the local government of Yuanyang County have jointly been exploring the innovative model of a project called“Poverty Alleviation”project, consisting of new local urbanization construction and new rural construction projects. We have developed relevant supporting industries and we are providing more employment for these talented people. At the same time, we have developed national-level science and technology research programs and provided a new pattern of platforms for the local government, enterprises and society to work together to help to remove the poverty.

The overall goal:
To implement a precise poverty alleviation strategy, fulfill the social responsibilities of the company, and help the national poverty county Yuanyang to remove poverty from these villages before 2020.

Project Details:
Building Factory
In 2016, the company actively responded to the national preferential poverty alleviation policy, moved the company’s registered place to the national poverty county—Yuanyang County, and built the factory for “Yuanyang Intelligent Industrial Project — Solid Waste Resource Utilization Production of Zinc-Aluminum Alloy”. The annually production capacity is of 50,000 tons of zinc-aluminum alloy. It only took 121 days to build it, which is, so far, the fastest construction project in Honghe Area in history, highly praised and appreciated by the leadership of Honghe Government. The project started production in May 2017. In 2017, it paid corporate income tax of $2.43 million USD, value added tax of $374,815 USD, and other tax of $569,378 USD. It provided more than 20 local villagers employment and its contribution to Yuanyang economy has been highlighted in many areas.

Supporting Education

As a leader and promoter of “solid waste recycling”, GreenNovo is actively carrying out the domestic and foreign industrial layout, always keeping in mind its own corporate social responsibility. We firmly realize that only by assisting education can we fundamentally change the life of the local youth and help them gain the ability to pursue a better life. At the same time, only talent training can bring a steady stream of vitality to the local economy, which is also in line with GreenNovo’s idea of practicing circular economy, adhering to the concept of sustainable development.

Action 1

On November 17th, the ‘GreenNovo Public Welfare’ charity project was kicked off by the company’s shareholders, management team, and staff. Accompanied by the laughter of children, our education charity project was launched successfully. Chairman Ma Liyang, GreenNovo shareholder Yin Haiming, and numerous staff volunteers went to Jianzhulin Primary School and Wahuicheng Primary School in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan province to donate computers, stationeries, sports equipment, and more. Meanwhile, they’ve also signed a donation agreement with the local government for future projects.

Action 2
In March 2018, GreenNovo began to take the second phase for donation activities. Under the leadership of the company’s shareholder representative, Yin Haiming and the general manager of GreenNovo’s Gejiu Factory, Mrs. Wang Ping, GreenNovo donated to the students, summer uniforms, bedding, books, etc., to the Wahuicheng Primary School and also the Jianzhulin Primary School. Meanwhile, GreenNovo helped them repair the beds and buildings in disarray. The students, local villagers, and government leaders are very delighted and very much appreciated all the donations and assistance in the repairs.

The local government leader says: “GreenNovo has been a leading local enterprise since they built the factory in Yuanyang County, and has made significant contributions to the local economy and employment. GreenNovo’s charity projects will benefit a large group of people. Hopefully, the students who got support can focus on their studies, and use their knowledge and ability to return back to their hometowns and society and have a bright future.”

Paired Helping
From 2017 to 2018, a total of 13 students will be assisted by the “One-on-one Support” for the Wahuicheng Primary School and Jianzhulin Primary School in Yuanyang county. Under the leadership of the company’s chairman Ma Liyang, one-on-one assistance will be given to poor students. The results so far has been remarkable.

Helping Poor Seniors and Families
On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2018, GreenNovo executives and some shareholders launched the “Celebrating the New Year, Dedicating Love” charity celebration activities. GreenNovo uses this time to show their care and love for the people around their facilities. The activities were held in Fengkou Village and GreenNovo’s education supporting Center – Jianzhulin Village and Wahuicheng Village, as well as Muhuaguo Village, Yuanyang county. GreenNovo donated New Year gifts to all of the 70-year-old seniors and poor families in these four villages. Meanwhile, GreenNovo’s executives and some shareholders spontaneously donated nearly $5847 USD to purchase rice, oil, comforts, etc. With the assistance of the village committee members, all these goods were sent to the villagers in the four villages.

Future Plans
In 2018, the company will increase its poverty alleviation efforts for Yuanyang county by:
(1) Increasing the knowledge of the poverty alleviation project, expanding the scope of aiding students to help the poor, increasing the sales of the local specialty products, raising the awareness of poverty families to rid poverty, and introducing technology to help them do so;
(2) Increasing investment in poverty alleviation funds;
(3) Convene more caring people to participate in poverty alleviation projects to help poor families get rid of poverty as soon as possible.
(4) GreenNovo has specially set up GreenNovo Warfare Fund. The company actively cooperates with the grassroots employees and actively contributes to help the education and poverty alleviation.

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