Circular Economy

The circular economy

The circular economy is a development model based on the recovery and recycling of resources, or more specifically, economic development based on recycling, regeneration, and recycling of materials. The principle is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The basic features of its production are low consumption, low emission, and high efficiency.

In recent years, the iron and steel industries in China have made great progress in the goal of complete resourcification of solid waste and zero emissions. The combination of the professional centralized management system and multi-management system have proven to be effective. Currently, the iron and steel industries are basically capable of completely recycling its industrial waste. The major recycling process is as follows: recycling of solid resources →sintering → blast furnace → steelmaking → steel rolling. However, its application is still low level, low efficiency, low value-added, and of low-grade. The performance also does not provide optimum economic and environmental benefits like the oxidation of galvanized iron sheet, rotary furnace sludge, gas sludge. Hence, there is still room for further research and development in the field of solid waste removal to achieve a high-value utilization.

GreenNovo uses a number of inventions and patented technologies like the technology of “Pyrometallurgical Enrichment and Hydrometallurgical Separation Integrated with Multi-Segment Coupling”. This technology is being utilized throughout all branches of our company, soundly treating and recycling solid industrial waste. By extracting elements like zinc, lead, indium, bismuth, iron, iodine, rubidium, and cesium, the once toxic solid waste is now harmless. Tailings are used to manufacture green building materials, and the waste heat is used to generate power, further increasing our capability in energy conservation to reduce pollution, and create economic and environmental benefits. GreenNovo is able to treat steel dust using economic and reliable technology, providing solutions for the metallurgy industry and the government. It is very easy to create another pollutant while eliminating a pollutant. The frontier technology of GreenNovo effectively solves environmental challenges through steel dust treatment to achieve clean production. It is a mature and reliable technology in compliance with environmental standards. There is simply no need “to spend money on environmental protection”. Greennovo’s patented technology not only treats steal smoke and extract non-ferrous, industrial raw materials but it can also generate power through the utilization of waste heat. This method of changing waste to treasure and dangers into benefits brings about a comprehensive use of resource regeneration. It is a true form of the circular economy whereby good economic benefits are presented and the environment is being protected all at the same time.

To recycle steel dust using GreenNovo’s technology, pyrometallurgy facilities have been built throughout China, while hydrometallurgical processing is performed at our headquarters. With a number of core technologies and strict control measures, eco-friendly production and safety measures are guaranteed.

Using metallurgical slag to produce building materials not only utilitizes industrial waste, waste steam, and blast furnace gas, it also provides benefits to the environment, economy, and society. Therefore, it is necessary to continue research and promote the resourcification treatment and comprehensive utilization of industrial waste so as to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of China’s iron and steel enterprises.

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