The NPC Standing Committee member, NPC Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation Committee (EPRCC) vice chairperson Dou Shuhua, visited the Gejiu subsidiary along with leaders from the EPRCC research office and southwest inspection bureau of Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Those accompanying him also included people from the Environment Protection and Resource Conservation Committee of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Environmental Protection Department, People’s Congress, government and environmental protection bureau of Honghe Hani, and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Geijiu Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal People’s Government.

Our management in Gejiu introduced our scale, core technology, patents and awards to the experts, especially our role in protecting the ecological environment by effectively processing water, air, and solids wastes. The experts spoke highly of our approach and progress made in recycling solid wastes after our report. Dou Shuhua pointed out that GreenNovo’s work laid a solid foundation in environmental protection, most of all, in turning the heavy-metal-containing solid and hazardous wastes into resources and products. What GreenNovo has accomplished embodies general secretary Xi Jinping’s view of socialist ecological civilization “lucid waters and lush mountains as invaluable assets”. It also carries out the advanced concept of circular economy.