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GreenNovo specializes in the recycling of heavy metals contained in the solid industrial wastes produced by the metallurgy and chemical processing industries.

Hydrometallurgical process

The Hydrometallurgical process is mainly used to recover valuable elements like Zn, Pb, In, Bi, Sn, and Cd, from dust by leaching and multiple separations after the pyrometallurgy enrichment. The non-ferrous metals are dissolved and recovered to produce zinc plating, coarse indium, lead slime, coarse cadmium, bismuth residue, tin residue, etc. The valuable elements separated and extracted from metallurgical solid waste is thus turned into resources and wealth from waste. Alloy processing uses zinc cathode from the hydrometallurgical process to make zinc aluminum alloy with aluminum ingot. The industrial intelligent robot is also used at the alloy production line to level up the automation and extend the industrial chain process.

Separating iron from waelz kiln slag

The new technology of comprehensive utilization of kiln slag is composed of joint iron separation, coupling and roasting at high temperatures, integrated hydrometallurgical separation, covering hydrometallurgical metallurgy, pyrometallurgical metallurgy, chemical engineering and beneficiation. It obtains reduced iron powder and fine iron concentration powder from rotary kiln slag after beneficiation and achieves tailing dehydration. Reduced iron powder can produce 100-mesh pure iron powder by coupling, roasting, decarburization at high temperature and hydrometallurgical separation after grinding. Fine iron concentration powder can produce 200-mesh and 325-mesh ultra-fine pure iron powder by coupling, roasting, and decarburization at high temperature, hydrometallurgical separation, and hydrogen reduction and deoxidation.

Waste heat power generation

Apart from reclaiming valuable metals from heavy-metal solid wastes and making industrial products, the waste heat generated in the process can be used in heating systems in the hydrometallurgical process and power generation. The waste heat boiler can recover high-temperature flue gas, producing 1.25 MPa saturated vapors to save consumption of coal by 10611t/a. The waste heat power generation technology makes full use of heat of the high-temperature flue gas and the saturated vapor can be used in the hydrometallurgical system. The other hot steam may also be sold to other companies in the industrial park.

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