Successful Cases

Technology Applications
Waelz Kiln Pyrometallurgical Enrichment GreenNovo’s Hanjixin Factory
GreenNovo’s Shifang Factory
Waelz Kiln Pyrometallurgical Enrichment, Multiple Separation Processes for Iron Recovery GreenNovo’s Tangshan Factory
GreenNovo’s Quzhou Ye Sheng  Factory
Waelz Kiln Pyrometallurgical Enrichment, Contract Environment Service (a tiered separation method followed by hydrometallurgy separation technology)

Joint steel dust treatment program

between GreenNovo and Delong Steel

Waelz Kiln Pyrometallurgical Enrichment, Zn melting and casting by Ammonia Chloride GreenNovo’s Jinbolai Factory
Pyrometallurgical Enrichment and Hydrometallurgical Separation Integrated with Multi-segment Coupling GreenNovo’s Gejiu Factory

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