Metallurgical Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

GreenNovo specializes in the recycling of heavy metals contained in the solid industrial wastes produced by the metallurgy and chemical processing industries.

Metallurgical Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

The industrial waste produced by the metallurgy industry not only contains iron, carbon, low-grade zinc, indium, bismuth, tin, and lead, it also contains chlorine, fluorine, and other non-metallic compounds which are corrosive, complex, and difficult to process. This type of industrial waste is generally extremely difficult to recycle and metallurgy companies are often unable to efficiently and safely handle the waste they produce. GreenNovo has developed a method for extracting the heavy metals contained in solid industrial waste, such as steel dust, by first concentrating it using pyrometallurgical methods and then separating the individual elements using hydrometallurgy. This technology has already evolved to the 7th generation.

GreenNovo holds a number of patents and is capable of recycling the heavy metals contained in solid industrial waste, such as the dust from steel, copper, lead, and aluminum smelting, mud from the hydrometallurgical processing of lead and zinc, copper and cadmium slag, anode mud, electroplating sludge, heavy chemical sludge, and tailing residue. Additionally, our process does not create wastewater or slag. GreenNovo’s technology is at the forefront of the industry. We possess a complete industrial chain from hazardous and heavy-metal-containing waste to the manufacturing of various metal products, power generation from residual heat, as well as the production of green building materials. Currently, GreenNovo is planning to apply a variety of cutting-edge technologies to increase the recycling of different hazardous industrial wastes in hopes of expanding our recycling capabilities to 14 categories and over 100 types. We are striving to build China’s first large-scale centralized industrial waste recycling and processing center, specializing in over 100 types of solid industrial waste.

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