Since the Chinese New Year is around the corner, executives and some shareholders of GreenNovo has paid a visit to nearby villagers as part of the community service event on Jan 25th, after GreenNovo public service kicked off last November.

GreenNovo’s Gejiu factory is located in Yuanyang county, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, a state-level poverty-stricken county in the southern mountainous area of Yunnan. Multiple nationalities live in here like minorities of Hani, Yi, Dai, Miao, Yao, Zhuang and ethnic Han, minorities making up 88.62%. There are 8 poverty townships and 86 poverty villages (among them 74 are extremely poor), housing 25,020 poor households (109,211 poor people), with a poverty rate hitting 26.74%.

All of the elderly over 70 years old, and households enjoying five Guarantees (State guarantee on proper food, clothing, medical care, housing and funeral expenses) were delivered new year gifts in four villages like Fengkoushan, Muhuaguo as well as Jianzhulin and Wahuicheng, where is also the key areas of GreenNovo public service education initiative. Executives and some shareholders donated 40 thousand RMB to buy some rice, oil, and cotton quilt for villagers and were assisted by the village committee directors.

Shareholder representative Yin Haiming led volunteers to Wahuicheng Village to give the gifts to the elderly and express sincere greetings.

Yin also took volunteers to visit homes of impoverished students who GreenNovo aided one-on-one and gave them new year gifts. Yin asked teachers of their study and life and encouraged students to study hard. He suggested that students write letters to us about their study, their life, and their problems. It is a way to practice communications and writing skills, and the management of GreenNovo can better help them with their problems. The education of students from special families is not only the responsibility of schools and guardians, but the whole society. They can always use some extra help from people who care about them.

The greetings also aim to help villagers in need. Chairman Ma can’t emphasize enough the need to help lift those people out of poverty while the company grows. Mr. Yin said, “It is of great significance to help people in distressed areas to celebrate a happy Chinese New Year”. Volunteers also felt warmed up to see the smile of villagers when they received the gifts. We wish more happiness and strength will be delivered to the villagers as our public service proceeds.