On May 11th, the conference on technology and policy research of utilization, treatment and pollution control of zinc-containing waste attended by experts from the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection and China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association, was held in the Tangshan factory of GreenNovo.

China’s management over treatment and pollution control of zinc-containing waste is relatively weak. As China is committed to building an ecological civilization, it will be of great significance to secure zinc resources by efficiently and reasonably utilizing and processing large stockpiles of zinc-containing waste at the premise of environment safety and clean production solutions.

In the meeting, professionals conducted heated discussions on research approaches, technology roadmaps and the status of current projects, and proposed follow-up suggestions. First, the task force carried out extensive research on making reasonable technology roadmap, showcased current technology achievements, most of which hit the target. Second, according to the suggestions of experts, policy research and utilizations about the treatment and pollution control technology of zinc-containing wastes will be further modified and perfected. The zinc-containing waste range needs to be clearly defined, like zinc-leached residues, lead-smelting residue, EAFD, BFD, galvanized zinc dust, etc. The research direction, content, and timeline was also clarified to guarantee the progress of the research.