C-1: Certificate of National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology

C-2: Certificate of Enterprise Credit Rating

C-3: Yunnan Association for Science & Technology -Academician Workstation

C-4: High-Tech Enterprise Certificate (2017)

C-5: High-Tech Enterprise Certificate (2014)

C-6:Certificate of AAA Level in Enterprise Credit Evaluation

C-7: Certificate of Three-Standard Management System

C-8:Certificate of Recycling Non-Ferrous Metal “Innovation & Development” Demonstration Project

C-9: Certificate of Heavy Metal Solid Wastes Utilization Demonstration Center

C-10: Certificate of 2017 China’s Solid Waste Industry Segment and Single Capability Leading Enterprise (2017)

C-11: Certificate of Demonstration Project for Utilization the Zinc-containing Steel Dust

Innovation for a Green Future

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