Company Culture & Environmental Pledge

Our Core Values

We are committed to providing continuous improvement and excellence in all areas, but we have chosen these four key areas as our company’s core values:


At GreenNovo our culture is one in which we take great pride in the passion our team presents towards excellence in attitude, work ethic, professionalism, and high personal standards which we are all expected to live by, from the top down.


By always keeping the vision of our company in front of us and in our heart, we strive to always be fair and honest with our customers, our community, and to ourselves. By continually searching for ways to improve our process we will become more efficient and less wasteful of our world’s resources, all the while encouraging positive energy in our day to day activities. The culture is that we always do what is best for our company and employees, always acting for the greater good of the company.


By actively promoting a continuous improvement atmosphere we will utilize our team’s skills, experience, ideas and knowledge, with a positive attitude exploring new and different activities to meet the needs of the company and the marketplace growth. We will actively adapt to a fast-changing market place environment and actively face competition from both within and outside the company by looking to our strengths: our teams technological, organizational, and strategic mindset.

Responsibility & Sharing

Our company culture stresses the importance of Passion, Virtues, Innovation and responsibility & Sharing…and how it is all of our responsibility to ensure these things are in the forefront of our mind as we go about our day to day activities while performing our jobs at GreenNovo. By keeping continuous improvement for our company in mind each day, we also must seek self- improvement in the areas we are entrusted and perform our tasks with pride and conviction. We all have these responsibilities to be “our brother’s keeper”.

GreenNovo’s Mission & Vision


We provide solutions to society by developing world class innovative and sustainable processes that recover the value of materials and not bury waste for future generations to have to deal with. These solutions will reduce pollution for our environment and our future generations, all the while conserving our valuable resources and promoting a circular economy.


GreenNovo constantly strives to create an eco-friendly society via cutting-edge technology. This vision will allow us to be a global, diversified company valued by customers, suppliers and our community, with a focus on long-term growth and continuous improvement.

GreenNovo’s Environmental Pledge

At GreenNovo, we are committed to integrating environmentally sound and sustainable business practices into our daily business decisions. We are constantly mindful in our day to day activities to manage our environmental responsibilities while we learn, grow and build upon our experiences all over the world, as we continue our journey forward. At GreenNovo, 100% of our products are used, ZERO TO LAND FILL and ZERO TO WATER EMISSION.

Environmental Commitment from GreenNovo to the world…

We will voluntarily follow our environmental process system, a systematic approach for reviewing and improving our company’s operations for better environmental performance and improved profitability. GreenNovo constantly analyzes the environmental impact of our operations, raw materials and finished products. As a result of this process, GreenNovo will experience measurable benefits, including:

  • Improved regulatory compliance and better relationships with regulatory agencies
  • Better management of resources and raw materials
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Reduced waste disposal and associated costs
  • Improved overall operational performance and efficiency

Our culture has always included being a socially responsible corporate citizen and neighbor with a commitment to giving back to the communities in which we operate. We want to leave the world we live in a better place for future generations and the strict requirements we place on ourselves are a way of doing that.

We are working diligently to reduce and manage our environmental footprint. We continue to learn, grow, and build upon our experiences as we continue our journey forward. Our sole purpose is to recycle, putting back into use the resources others have given up on, and always build toward a greener future.


GreenNovo is constantly striving to be world class and to be an industry leader in Health and Safety, integrating continuous improvement methodology as we move forward in all areas. We will always and comply with established safety regulations and company policy, no exceptions. Greennovo is committed to, and takes very seriously, the safely of our team mates and our worlds environment and remains cognizant of our limited of natural resources.

We feel there is nothing more important in our day to day activities than the safety of our employees and our neighbors. This requires that we not only develop a safety policy, but we live it, making it a culture in our company. We will never allow profitability to override our safety policy. We will always ensure our employees are properly trained and fully understand the importance of safety in our company culture. This commitment must start from the top down and is a core value with GreenNovo. All safety requirements will be in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and all training will be updated as required. Our safety culture is designed to provide a safe, accident free workplace for our employees, our neighbors, and visitors on sight.

We will always and comply with established safety regulations and company policy, no exceptions. GreenNovo is committed to, and takes very seriously, the safety of our team mates and our world’s environment and remains cognizant of our limited of natural resources.

Innovation for a Green Future

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