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GreenNovo Factories


GreenNovo’s Gejiu Factory

GreenNovo’s Gejiu factory (formally known as Honghe Greennovo Technology) is a high-tech environmental protection facility committed to pollution-free treatment and recycling of heavy-metal-containing solid and hazardous wastes like steel dust. Covering an area of 40 acres, its production bases spread over places like Yunnan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hebei, Guizhou and Sichuan with total asset of 296 million US Dollars. Driven by our founder, professor Wang Shukai and the core technology invented by him, the annual processing capacity has totaled up to 1.2 million tons after more than ten years of development. By far, as the leading player in the field, we have had the most complete industrial technology and equipment, and our steel dust treatment plant is the largest in scale in the world and features the most sophisticated technology available in today’s environment.

During China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), our company has effectively recycled millions tons of blast furnace flue dust and produced many tons of nonferrous metals without drainage or discharge, thus successfully addressing the pollution issue caused by heavy metal generated from iron and steel smelting. It has accomplished the task of industrial transformation and upgrading under the framework of Yunnan Honghe County’s 12th Five-Year Plan as the demonstration enterprise and corporate tax bills has added up to 31 million US Dollars during 2011-2017. As the only company still seeing profits in 2015, when the metal price plummeted nationwide, we showed strong resilience against market risks due to our resolute commitment to technological innovation as a high-tech company. Furthermore, a new high was scored in April, 2016 when we were listed on Chinese New Third Board as the first solid waste treatment corporation in Honghe County. The company received critical acclaim when leaders from the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, the People’s Government of Yunnan, the CPC Committee for Honghe Prefecture, the People’s County Government of Honghe Prefecture paid a thorough visit to us.


GreenNovo’s Tangshan Factory

Positioned in the Caofeidian Demonstration Area for coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Tangshan Branch of GreenNovo Environmental Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GreenNovo, was set up in December of 2012. It is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise focusing on professional treatment and pollution-free recycling of steel dust.

As an integrated disposal center for heavy-metal-containing solid and hazardous waste such as steel dust in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, it is one of the five new demonstration projects for the treatment and recycling of steel plant metallurgical dusts expected to be built in North China. It serves the metallurgical industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas. Action Plan for the Coordinated Development of Industrial Resources Comprehensive Utilization Industries in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and Surrounding Areas (2015-2017) issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has listed our program as one of the twenty-two demonstration projects in this aspect. With a total investment of 488 million US dollars, the project will cover an area of 216 acres, which will be built in three phases. The annual treatment capacity of heavy-metal-containing solid and hazardous wastes like steel dust will arrive at 2 million tons. It will produce 200,000 tons of zinc ingot, 300,000 tons of reduced iron powder production, over 2,000 tons of rare metals like indium, tin, bismuth, and 600,000 tons of eco-friendly building materials, which will yield the sales revenue of $727 million US dollars, and profits of $218 million US dollars.

The first phase of the project started in March of 2014 and has initiated the trial run with an investment of $50.87 million US dollars. The total investment of the second phase is expected to amount to $72.67 million US dollars. The seventh generation of integrated treatment technique of hydrometallurgical separation, and multi-segmented coupling, developed on our very own, will be applied for hazard-free treatment and diversified utilization of heavy-metal-containing hazard wastes like steel dust, electroplating sludge and hydrometallurgical-processed smelting slag.

The implementation of the project will contribute to recycling and harmlessness treatment of enormous heavy-metal-containing smelting residues like steel dust in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and make comprehensive utilization of solid wastes and set an important example for promoting technologies driving circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction and establishment of a cleaner production mode.


GreenNovo’s Quzhou Yesheng Factory

Quzhou Yesheng Metal Materials, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GreenNovo, is placed in the industrial zone of Dazhou Town, Qujiang District, Quzhou City. As one of the three major strategic bases for GreenNovo laid out across the country, it is the most essential base for intensive processing, which is of great strategic significance for the development of our company. It integrates research & development, production, sales and recycle of heavy metals in the East China area. Founded in 2008, it houses 120 employees, covering an area of 10 acres. It is an environmentally friendly high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial waste resources recovery, pollution-free treatment and intensive processing of metallurgical dust.

With an annual treatment capacity of 200 thousand tons of heavy-metal-containing solid wastes like steel dust, the company boasts the productivity of generating power of 28 million kilowatts every year. There are three production lines of waelz zinc oxide, one production line of zinc calcine, and one set of 10MW Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation system that is in place for now. We have been issued the “Permit for Operation of Dangerous Wastes” and are able to process 30,000 tons of zinc-bearing hazardous waste per year. Years of experience and advanced technologies in recycling solid waste in the metallurgical industry enables us to process the zinc-containing hazard waste without further pollution and to recover valuable metals during the process, thus the hazard waste and exhaust gas achieves our recycling goals.

In addition, the technology of “coupled roasting and phase reconstruction” developed by us and Chinese Academy of Sciences has been successfully implemented in extracting high purity secondary reduced iron powder, which is mainly used for 3D printing materials. It is a new breakthrough to produce high purity iron powder featuring low cost and fine quality from hybrid low grade iron powder. Quzhou Lituo, the subsidiary of Quzhou Yesheng has passed the trial run in 2015 and is expected to produce 10,800 tons of high purity iron powder (100 mesh) and 2000 tons of ultrafine and high purity iron powder (300 mesh) every year with the annual output value reaching 15 million US dollars and profit of 2 million US dollars once it comes into operation. As the new profit growth point, the project of extracting reduced iron powder started in 2016 and is estimated to be completed by phases with a total investment of 30 million US dollars.

Quzhou Yesheng keeps upgrading through management and technology innovation and strives to build a professional base for treatment of solid waste in Quzhou area. It will create social and economic benefits for the people and community while addressing the local environmental issues.


GreenNovo’s Jinbolai Factory

Jinbolai Factory, GreenNovo, situated in the Yanhua Industrial City, Xingan County, Jiangxi Province, was founded in May, 2011. Valuable metals from 50,000 tons of solid waste have been recycled annually since the factory went into production. Supported by state policy on treatment of bulk solid waste, we work arduously to develop circular economy principles, invest in energy efficiency and emission reduction opportunities, promote cleaner production, and aim to build a resources recycling-oriented home base in Jiangxi province. Driven by technological innovation, our company strives to establish a resource-conserving enterprise pursuing circular economy objectives featuring environmental protection, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization. Through our production-study-research cooperation with Central South University, we have established a research platform centering on recovery of nonferrous metals from solid waste and copper-containing materials and build a research team studying smoke dust, waste residue and anode sludge. Our extensive technological background and research capacity showcases our belief that resource recycling is a major driving force for the circular economy. Of all the employees, technicians who attain at least a junior college degree accounts for 32.8%, research staff takes up 11.7%, many foreign experts have been attracted, and 13 patents for invention are secured. The program of “Technological Reform on Annual Treatment of 50,000 tons of Solid Waste” has been successfully launched. The patented technology of processing the heavy-metal-containing waste residue and material is introduced from Central South University, by which valuable metals beneficiated in production can be extracted, and hazardous solid wastes can be recycled without harming the environment. The project started in July 2014, with an investment of $29.07 million USD and $47.24 million USD respectively, in the first and second phase. Once it is completed, the processing capacity of nine categories of hazardous wastes will reach 50,000 tons, recovering 10,000 tons of zinc ingot, 3,000 tons of cathode copper and 650 tons of lead alloy and other valuable elements per year.


GreenNovo’s Shifang Factory

Established in January, 2014, GreenNovo’s Shifang factory is located in Sichuan Shifang Economic Development Zone (north area), surrounded by other industrial enterprises and industrial parks. The review opinion letter of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Sichuan Province, on the issue of Amendment of Report on Environmental Impact Assessment of Planning for Sichuan Shifang Economic Development Zone, noted that the Economic Development Zone should put environmental protection, metal smelting, high-end equipment manufacturing industry at the top of its agenda. Our project specializes in utilizing wasted resources and currently operates with two production lines, which are comprehensive utilization of sulfuric acid slag (producing crude zinc oxide) and intensive processing and beneficiation of valuable metals (producing zinc calcine). The treatment capacity is able to reach 200 thousand tons per year. Taking flue dust of steel plants as the raw material, we extract zinc oxide through our Waelz process to reap an annual output value of over $5.81 million USD. Our independently developed patented core extraction technology of “Pyrometallurgical Enrichment and Hydrometallurgical Separation Integrated with Multi-segment Coupling to Recover Heavy Metal from Solid and Hazardous Wastes” has been implemented in places like Yunnan and Jiangxi. The technology conducts thorough treatment of heavy-metal-containing solid waste like steel dust (the dust and sludge containing zinc), zinc-bearing waste (HW23), copper-bearing waste (HW22), lead-bearing waste (HW31), surface treatment waste (HW17), non-ferrous metal smelting waste (HW48), cadmium-containing waste (HW 26) with zero drainage or discharge. By making full use of solid and hazardous wastes, the environmental pollution is reduced and the economic and social benefits are generated. The project sets a great example for promoting circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction and a clean production mode and is a great practical operation for sustainable development.


GreenNovo’s Hanjixin Factory

GreenNovo’s Hanjixin Factory is a joint venture established by Handan Iron and Steel and GreenNovo. This factory is strategically located in the industrial zone in Hu village, Fuxing district, Handan, and specializes in hazard-free treatment and resourced-based recycling of the industrial waste containing zinc, iron-containing dust and sludge. GreenNovo’s own patented core technology of recycling zinc-containing dust and sludge is an extraction technology of “Pyrometallurgical Enrichment and Hydrometallurgical Separation Integrated with Multi-segment Coupling”, which was developed by GreenNovo through many years of relentless efforts. This technology is utilized to process the zinc-containing dust and sludge from blast furnace materials produced by Handan Iron and Steel. It recycles and recovers solid industrial waste, such as steel dust while achieving clean production and environmental friendly protection in the steel industry, which effectively promote circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction. As a major program and the circular economy demonstration project covering six counties, 10 industrial parks, 20 enterprises and 33 programs in Handan, a total of 20 million U.S. dollars is invested. It’s production capacity is to process over 200,000 tons of the heavy metal-containing solid wastes annually. It has two production lines of Waelz kilns, one multiple-mineral-processing production line of rotary kiln slag, along with associated production factories, raw material sheds, and offices and accommodation facilities. The project contributes greatly to local economy and tax revenues as well as achieves environmental and social benefits, such as: ·Effectively reduce the total pollutants emission ·Recover metals like iron from dust to efficiently save the mineral resources and lessen the environmental impact incurred by mining ·Fully utilize carbon contained in the dust to save energy ·A clean production project with zero drainage or discharge throughout the entire process ·Create numerous jobs and bring in tens of millions of tax revenues dollars every year ·A government-led key project operation

GreenNovo’s Yuanyang Factory

To answer the call of the Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Winning the Tough Battle against Poverty and Opinions of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on Giving Play to the Role of the Capital Market in Serving the National Poverty Alleviation Strategy, GreenNovo performs our social responsibility as a to-be-listed company by carrying out our strategy of precise poverty alleviation to correspond to the national policy, combined with our own development plan. Working with the Yuanyang government, we explore the innovative mode in poverty reduction, develop supporting industries to attract more talents to boost new-type urbanization and new rural construction. Combining industry and finance, we strive to establish a state-level scientific research platform to help eradicate poverty with the government, companies, and social forces. GreenNovo establishes the projects of recycling industrial solid waste to produce zinc-aluminum alloy in Yuanyang county, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, a state-level poverty-stricken county. The raw materials come from metallurgical solid waste by extracting zinc from steel dust, and non-ferrous smelting slug, and using scrapped aluminum plate electrodes. Our self-funded factory generates 50kt of zinc alloy ingots each year by fusing zinc plate and adding aluminum. The zinc-aluminum alloy features high crystalline, a strong oxidation resistance, high intensity, stable performance, low remelt temperature, and high yield rate, all indicators meeting national standards, and they are widely applied to industries like sanitary appliances, digital equipment, auto spare parts, locks, garment accessories, and electronics. It takes 121 days to establish the project, the quickest in the Honhe Prefecture, and is highly spoken of by all levels of leaders. It uses the advanced energy-saving technology and equipment to upgrade the processing capability of zinc products, improve additional value to drive the energy saving and emission reduction, cost down, along with circular economy development, enhance market competitiveness, and boost vitality. The Yuanyang base has increased 35 jobs since beginning operations in May of 2017, paying a corporate income tax of 16.5946 million RMB, added-value tax of 2.5643 million RMB, and other taxes of 3.8954 million RMB, a great contribution to Yuanyang economic development. The program strengthens our leading edge, helps local people to get out of poverty situations, and stimulates local economy by producing the zinc alloy and increasing the added value of products based on our advantages in position, resource, labor force and technology. The implementation of the program addresses local aluminum market demands to reprocess and utilize resources, as well as providing jobs for the unemployed, increasing local fiscal revenues, generating sound social and economic benefits, and making a contribution to the local economic growth with harmonious society benefit.

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